the year the music died…

I feel like I have spent more time wiping my puffy, tear-stained face than not this year. How much loss and sadness can one person absorb in one 12 month period. Hell, not even 12 months, it has been a succession of sucker punches in a little under 2 months. Brutal. The irony of my last post is that I once again took a “personal” … Continue reading the year the music died…

so tired.

I go to bed exhausted, I awake exhausted.
I’m barely sleeping, or at least sleeping so light that the slightest motion or noise wakes me.

I want to not feel like puking all the time. I eat as much as I can during the day and before I go home, cause once I’m there I’m too upset to ingest anything.
I want to not have a pounding headache the moment I wake up. (probably a side effect of the not eating/not sleeping/body tension from suppressing sobs)

I can’t really talk about it to anyone as I will A) burst into tears or B) land the ear of someone who doesn’t “get” it and will give me that incredulous eye-rolling look of “it’s just a fucking cat”. My boss being one of them.
He has never had a pet. He has never lost anyone or anything. He doesn’t understand grief. I don’t think he would get that there are physical manifestations of emotions that well up on specific anniversaries, even unconsciously. One day you’re just devastatingly sad for no reason, then you look at the calendar, and are immediately validated for feeling that way.

With each experience, the scab gets picked off, and the “blood” that flows is the memory of all of those previous experiences. Continue reading “so tired.”

Reality Check…

We spend everyday “sweating the small stuff” despite being told not to in several tomes. I have several acquaintances (I hesitate to call them friends) who’s head colds lead them to proclaim they’re “dying” and for whom a hang nail would lay them up for days.

I have no patience for these folks right now.

See I have friends battling real health issues and one who is about to lose his wife within hours after a lengthy, gut wrenching, and very brave battle with cancer.

I’ve hit yet another milestone age I guess. The one in which you lose your peers. Continue reading “Reality Check…”