But I NEVER get sick!!..

I never get sickWith the stressful job/money situation of the last couple of months, culminated with poor nutrition, followed by a recent week of eating rich foods and drinking every night. (friends in from out of town)  I shouldn’t have been surprised then when I found myself writhing in pain in the middle of the night last week. I was due for a visit by Aunt Flo, had likely stressed my gallbladder, plus my kidneys hadn’t been too happy with me lately either… I just had to become conscious enough to figure out where the pain was radiating from.

It wasn’t low enough for menstrual cramps, so that was ruled out right away. Right upper back, ribcage area… still not specific enough. An hour or so later though, the pain has shifted… It’s a stone! we have a kidney stone! I know how to do this. Continue reading “But I NEVER get sick!!..”

I Think I’m Thinking Myself Sick?

or just cruel timing? Who knows. I hit the wall yesterday afternoon. The universe delivered one more blow to my already beaten and battered psyche, and I think I just gave up. My inner dialogue was vile and dizzying, and I was “mad at the world” angry and so tense trying to keep myself from bursting into tears on the commute home, that I physically … Continue reading I Think I’m Thinking Myself Sick?

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…

How do you measure, a year in the life?

One day at a time I guess. Though I don’t intend on posting daily. At least I’m not setting myself up for that epic failure on only the first day. 😉

365 Days. 52 Weeks. 12 Months.

I can promise a minimum of 12 posts in 2o11. How’s that for a lofty goal? Continue reading “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes…”