I looked up…

So I was a little brave and perhaps a little cheeky yesterday.

I was at the media day for the Toronto Autoshow, with my usual crew of fellow gearheads, doing our sheep like tour of new cars, collecting data sticks filled with media, and essentially playing hooky from real life for the day.

Now I don’t know if it’s the heady new car smell that puts me in such a trance, but I always find myself more attracted to the men milling about there, than say in a bar or on my commute to/from work (same goes for at the race track, a ballgame, or the market)
I think it’s the whole “of like mind” thing.

Anyway, this one fella kept catching my eye. He looked so familiar to me (or maybe I just wanted him to be familiar to me…) Tall, suited up, pleasant smile… Continue reading “I looked up…”

Reality Check…

We spend everyday “sweating the small stuff” despite being told not to in several tomes. I have several acquaintances (I hesitate to call them friends) who’s head colds lead them to proclaim they’re “dying” and for whom a hang nail would lay them up for days.

I have no patience for these folks right now.

See I have friends battling real health issues and one who is about to lose his wife within hours after a lengthy, gut wrenching, and very brave battle with cancer.

I’ve hit yet another milestone age I guess. The one in which you lose your peers. Continue reading “Reality Check…”