About Moi…


No, this is not a blog about my extreme obsession with McDonalds.

This is a blog about me. Just me. My life. In all it’s pedantic and whimsical glory.

When trying to decide on a name for my blog, I started playing with singular words that described the things I love most and thus what molds my days and experiences.

Fast. = Racing. I love racing. I grew up around racing. I write about racing. I photograph racing. The race track is my happy place. I will write about the more personal racing experiences here, and save the political and tactical jockeying, etc… for my other two racing themed outlets. My Racing Blog and the racing website I contribute to.

Food. = Well… that’s pretty self explanatory! Food! I have a love hate relationship with food. The more I write, the more I live, the more I move forward on this journey called life, the more that becomes apparent. I love to go to grocery stores. I love to cook. I love to eat. I’m obsessed with beautiful cookbooks and discovering the perfect meal, both at home and whilst dining out. The caveat to this portion of my adventure is that I am a recovering Bulemirexic. (eating disorders are like alcoholism or cancer… though the “disease” is in remission, there is always the looming fear of a relapse) (and yes, it does still affect me) I was also diagnosed with a wheat allergy in 2009, which means I now live a gluten-free existence.  This makes my food journey like a blindfolded stroll through a minefield some days. All that aside, there will likely be a lot of posts in the “food.” category!

Focus. = Photography! I always loved taking pictures. I’ve documented great chunks of my life through the lens of a camera. I’ve also ignored great chunks of my life. (telling no?) In 2005 I started doing assistant work for this guy! Mostly office/clerical stuff, and being the pack mule on shoots. About a year in, he started to pack an extra body and lens for me to play with. At first I just mimicked everything he shot. Then I started to trust my own vision. Eventually some of my shots made it to the proof galleries and albums! Then I started to borrow the camera to take with me to races, which opened up a whole new world for me. In 2010 I became the owner of my first pro camera, and I started to focus (no pun intended) on the minute details of photography. I have A LOT to learn still.

So, that’s how Fast. Food. Focus. came to be…

Mundane details? I just turned 52, which is still mind-boggling to me, as I think and act like a 20 something most days. I am a Virgo to the nth degree (except for the good with money aspect, which I would probably be better at if I ever had any…) I tend to get “thinky” a lot, which usually makes for good if retrospectively embarrassing blog fodder. I have the work ethic of a Clydesdale, tend to put everyone else first to my own detriment, and have spent the last few years living to work instead of working to live. I would like to change that… someday…

I think the word “fuck” is an awesome tool of the English language, and use it often. You are forewarned.

any other “details” you’ll figure out along the way…


photographer, writer, singer, traveler, virtual assistant, personal concierge, taskmaster, epicurean, tv-addict, track rat, nerdy, opinionated, Canadian, glamour-tomboy!

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