Pitch Me Baby!

As you can see my interests and lifestyle are eclectic to say the least! As is my audience and my group of friends and colleagues. I’m the one everyone comes to with questions and advice-seeking.
“Hey Meesh, what’s a good…. “
“Hey Meesh, have you ever tried….”

The best part? I usually have an answer!
Want to be one of those answers? Please feel free to drop me note or add me to your media invite list. I can’t promise a definite yes each time as it would have to line up with my own personal beliefs/interests, that said, I am open to trying new things and having new experiences, so I don’t put any restrictions on pitches.

I love working with brands, and am loyal to a fault to those brands that have treated me well, and delivered on their promises. And am willing to shout it from the rooftops when it happens! In that vein, I’m willing to work with you or your clients in the following capacity, provided it’s a good fit:

  • Restaurant Openings/Menu Relaunches
  • Promoting/Attending Local Events (Food/Travel/Tourism/Automotive/Health&Wellness)
  • Pre, live and post event social media coverage on multiple platforms
  • Sponsored Posts/Tweets
  • Brand Ambassador (short and long term)
  • Brand Sponsored Travel
  • Brand Sponsored Contests/Giveaways

What I will accept:

  • the chance to try your product, venue, service, or experience
  • invitations / passes to attend events, media junkets, conferences related to your product or client
  • samples of your product / service for review

What you’ll get from me:

  • An honest opinion/review, in my voice, about your event, service or product. I’m all about transparency, and am known for my unbridled opinions and honest reviews. Bottom line: Giving me something “for free” does not automatically guarantee a fluffy bunny, hearts and rainbows review. In fact it doesn’t guarantee a review or mention at all. (though it would have to be very, very bad to not at least get a mention)
  • Social media love! When I have a great experience, or discover a new product or service, I can’t wait to share it with my friends and followers! Hell, I’ll strike up a conversation with a perfect stranger in an elevator if I overhear a question pertaining to it!

What piques my interested:
Well the blog title narrows it down a bit, but I’ll expand on that a little for you here.

Cars (test drives)
Car/Driving related events
Car Gadgets
Running Events
Running Gear
Running related products

Interesting food products (preferably local, non-GMO, organic)
Nutrition (products, courses, books)
Gluten-Free (Products, events, venues)
Food related events (cooking classes, tours, tastings, product & restaurant launches)
Wine / Alcohol (Products, events, venues, tours, tastings)
Kitchen gadgets

*note: I have attended several food events not specifically catering to my food allergy.  (Wheat/gluten/Celiac) While I don’t expect specialized meals, it is helpful to speak to someone from the venue in advance so I can easily navigate around a menu once on site. As a consumer, and an influencer, I encourage your clients to include me in their events as I will encourage both my allergic and non-allergic friends and followers to follow suit

Anything camera or photography related
Sports & Entertainment (Products, events, venues)
Techno Gadgets (since that usually enhances said photography opportunities)

Travel & Tourism:
Hotels (launches, events)
Gadgets (travel related)
Transportation (products, services, events, launches)
Events (particularly related to culinary travel)

Eco / Green:
Products, services and events with a focus on “green living” and environmental conservation

If what you’re offering is not on the list, don’t let that deter you from pitching, but don’t be surprised by my polite decline

So… whadda ya say?  Pitch me baby! Click –> Click to email me

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