Putting the world on notice…

or at least a hand full of you…

Stop talking down to me, stop ignoring me, stop stealing from me, stop lying to me, stop using me. I am not your fucking punching bag, doormat, or minion.
And, it has become abundantly clear, I am definitely not your friend.
So I am drawing a line in the sand. Continue reading “Putting the world on notice…”

“There was a boy, a very strange, enchanting boy…”

I love just letting my day dictate itself.

Yesterday I set out to do nothing in particular and ended up having a most perfect day.

First up a Pumpkin Spice latte served to me by an Oscar (barista spray painted gold), followed by a trip to the Brickworks for freshly made Jamie Kennedy French fries dipped in a cilantro lime chili aioli, enjoyed to the sounds of Latin music in the cool fall air as the
market celebrated Dia De Los Muertos. This was followed by some picture taking at the distillary district and a spontaneous afternoon concert seranaded by my dear friend Denzal Sinclaire. (ok the concert wasn’t spontaneous, but my attendance was) Continue reading ““There was a boy, a very strange, enchanting boy…””

Well… that wasn’t what I had in mind!

LOL! So let me get this straight… I lay the gauntlet down on negative entries, and don’t post again…? Somehow that wasn’t the intent. What can I say… It was a stressful week after that, and by the time I had some “good” stuff to talk about, I had no time, was too tired, and then was too angry again to post. So I’m going … Continue reading Well… that wasn’t what I had in mind!