Midnight Run & Party – ’14

All year I’d planned on running the Midnight Run on New Year’s Eve here in Toronto. I’ve been running like a beast all year and I thought what better way to kick off the new year than to RUN full throttle into it at the stroke of midnight!

But as it grew closer, and after much deliberation, I decided I just couldn’t in good conscience justify the $95 (pre-tax) entry fee, especially since I have no desire to “party” and can’t eat or drink any of the post race offerings. Plus, given the circumstances of my year leading up to it, it simply seemed… wrong. Continue reading “Midnight Run & Party – ’14”

Happy New Year?

Ok, back to the original purge at hand… This is just a big ol pity party brain purge. I’m completely blocked to any other creative ventures right now as my brain is full with “pity poo”. So, I’m dumping it in an attempt to open my neural pathways and spark some creativity, and motivation, and perhaps some hope…*you have been warned* My news feed,  twitter … Continue reading Happy New Year?

The obligatory self-absorbed year-end reflection…

My horoscope on the final day of 2010…

“Today you may get the opportunity to feel proud of yourself. But don’t let things get too out of hand. It isn’t often that you allow yourself this little bit of narcissism. Everything you say will be pertinent, and people will let you know. For once, the stars are giving you the opportunity to cater to your own ego, so take advantage of it!”

Everyone is making resolutions, being grateful for the year that’s past and the year that lays ahead.

I do not want to do that. I don’t want to make big plans. I don’t want to believe that this coming year is going to be any better than any of the years just past.
I don’t want to make a list of lofty goals and fill my plate with a bunch of crap to satisfy everyone else’s idea of who I am and who I should want to be. Continue reading “The obligatory self-absorbed year-end reflection…”