the year the music died…

I feel like I have spent more time wiping my puffy, tear-stained face than not this year. How much loss and sadness can one person absorb in one 12 month period. Hell, not even 12 months, it has been a succession of sucker punches in a little under 2 months. Brutal.

The irony of my last post is that I once again took a “personal” day this week because as I attempted to walk out the door to go to my job Monday morning, I collapsed into a heap of tears. This time sadly it was due to the fact that the ugly reality of what I witnessed Sunday, the violent death of racecar driver Dan Wheldon, who I have come to personally know over the last few years, and whom I spoke to barely a few weeks ago, came rushing to the forefront of my brain as soon as I was cognitive enough to figure out what day it was and that it wasn’t just a horrible dream.

I won’t go into it in this blog, but if you’re so inclined you can read my two follow up pieces in my racing blog here and here for a little insight into what we as a community, and I personally, have been going through in the aftermath.

What a year man.
So much sadness and anger. Very little truly “happy” moments.
I don’t know if I’m over thinking everything, or if I am just in “that place” right now, but it needs to stop/change/improve… something.

I feel a big change on the horizon. I don’t know what it is necessarily, but it’s coming, and it’s big.

I do know I will happily bid 2011 adieu when the time comes, cause she has been a BITCH and is not welcome here anymore as far as I’m concerned.

I promise some happy updates over the weekend.


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