I Will Be Better…

Well… that was an interesting, informative, frustrating, confusing, painful, joyful day. I’m going to be using the word “I” a lot because this is a post about my experiences and thoughts. Don’t @ me about this “not being about me”. It is about me. It’s about all of us, for better or worse. I spent the day reading articles, watching videos, watching talk shows with … Continue reading I Will Be Better…

Dusting off the keyboard…

How many of us do this? How many blog posts out there have this particular unimaginative title? Thousands I’m sure. I can’t believe how long my blog has lay dormant. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t had stuff to say. On the contrary, my brain has been exploding with thoughts, and feelings, and memories, and wishes, and rants, and plans, and on, and on… … Continue reading Dusting off the keyboard…

The People’s Princess…

I wonder if other girls my age are feeling it this week… The sadness. The picked-the-scab-off of it all. She was our Elvis, our Marilyn, our JFK. Taken from us shockingly, without warning. I was always fascinated by the Royal Family. Just over a week before my mother died, I saw the Queen Mum. She was on her way to the Queen’s Plate at Woodbine … Continue reading The People’s Princess…

What is my Purpose? 

I was recently contemplating my purpose in life and feeling bad about essentially not really having one. Then today I thought about all the doors I hold open, all the heavy bags, shopping carts, and strollers I help carry up and down stairs, and on and off streetcars. All the coffees and sandwiches I buy for people on the street. All the scarves and mittens … Continue reading What is my Purpose? 

2016 Resolution – January overview

I made a very simple resolution this year – Seek Kindness 1) be kind to myself 2) change the conversation in my head 3) find the positive in every situation spiraling into the darkness. This isn’t something measurable really, nor is it something I can boast about on my social media channels as some sort of accountability exercise. (Such as marking the number of days … Continue reading 2016 Resolution – January overview

Happy? Father’s Day 

Gosh I miss my dad. Life keeps spiralling lately, and I feel very… untethered, like I could blow away at any moment. I’ve lost all confidence in myself… again… only he’s not here to tell me it’s all gonna be ok, to “give my head a shake”, or to cook me that ridiculous meal of liver and spinach (because he was always worried I wasn’t eating right)

20yrs gone and I can only faintly remember his voice, but I will always always remember how he made me feel. Continue reading “Happy? Father’s Day “


I realized today that I’m not jealous, or rather envious I should say, of people’s “things”. I see “The ladies who lunch” in their fancy duds, with their shopping bags from designer stores, and I merely shrug. That’s not me. Never really has been. I don’t even get the same tinge of green when I see posts of luxurious dinners from restaurant openings I’ve been … Continue reading DTOTD: Envy

DTOTD: Apologies 

Here’s the thing, when one “accepts” your apology, they are not absolving you of your indiscretions or actions towards them. They are merely “accepting” your guilt, and your need to be let off the hook for your bad behaviour. “Acceptance” is not forgiveness. It’s just a way for everyone to move on without more carnage. Keep that in mind the next time you feel the … Continue reading DTOTD: Apologies 

New Year… New…


You thought I was gonna say “me” didn’t you? Well, that just seemed so fucking cliche as it was coming out of the tip of my fingers, no matter how true the sentiment may reveal itself to be later on this coming year. Continue reading “New Year… New…”

Turning Black Friday into White Friday

BF2WFAre you enjoying Black Friday? Did you get that super duper special just can’t resist deal on something you really REALLY wanted?

Did you actually really, really NEED what you bought?

So many people don’t have the luxury of bargain hunting on Black Friday. Everyday is a bargain hunt for them, but not for things like tv’s, and phones, and leather coats, and jewellery… but rather for milk, and bread, and vegetables, and toilet paper. Things most of us take for granted. Continue reading “Turning Black Friday into White Friday”