Full Circle…

And then you look up and look around, and make a conscious shift in your attitude…
and suddenly the world seems a little less… dark.

So, I struggled with myself on the way home after work.
I knew I had to eat, but I also knew I had no food in my house.
I knew I wasn’t overly hungry, so my annual Keg dinner was out.
I knew I wanted company, but wanted ultimately to be alone.
I wanted the the comfort of a familiar place, familiar food and the company of strangers.

So I decided somewhere along the commute that I was taking myself for tapas and tequila. I hoped it would be quiet in there as it was early, and it was. I got myself a table by an electrical outlet, plugged in my computer, and started to write what was swirling around in my head (see note)

I announced to the waitress that it was my birthday (the first official out loud proclamation of said occasion on this day) and that I was treating myself to dinner out. Continue reading “Full Circle…”