Boys vs Men *with a twist ending*

So, my “Barista Boyfriend” returned this week. He’s tall. He’s quiet. He’s got floppy, blond, surfer-dude hair. He’s way too young. He’s totally elusive/shy. While I noticed his absence, I’m sure he wouldn’t lose a minutes sleep if I disappeared. He didn’t even make eye contact. pfft. On the other hand, my “long distance man friend” (lets just call him that for now… it’s complicated, … Continue reading Boys vs Men *with a twist ending*

I looked up…

So I was a little brave and perhaps a little cheeky yesterday.

I was at the media day for the Toronto Autoshow, with my usual crew of fellow gearheads, doing our sheep like tour of new cars, collecting data sticks filled with media, and essentially playing hooky from real life for the day.

Now I don’t know if it’s the heady new car smell that puts me in such a trance, but I always find myself more attracted to the men milling about there, than say in a bar or on my commute to/from work (same goes for at the race track, a ballgame, or the market)
I think it’s the whole “of like mind” thing.

Anyway, this one fella kept catching my eye. He looked so familiar to me (or maybe I just wanted him to be familiar to me…) Tall, suited up, pleasant smile… Continue reading “I looked up…”