I looked up…

So I was a little brave and perhaps a little cheeky yesterday.

I was at the media day for the Toronto Autoshow, with my usual crew of fellow gearheads, doing our sheep like tour of new cars, collecting data sticks filled with media, and essentially playing hooky from real life for the day.

Now I don’t know if it’s the heady new car smell that puts me in such a trance, but I always find myself more attracted to the men milling about there, than say in a bar or on my commute to/from work (same goes for at the race track, a ballgame, or the market)
I think it’s the whole “of like mind” thing.

Anyway, this one fella kept catching my eye. He looked so familiar to me (or maybe I just wanted him to be familiar to me…) Tall, suited up, pleasant smile…

I decided to be bold and ask him if I knew him. Yes I know “do I know you from some where?” sounds like a cheesy pick up line,  in fact I even laughed and said that after I psuedo introduced myself. We went through a several possible “I must know you from here” scenarios, but alas, no connection.

Now had I actually had any stones I would have given him my business card and said something like “well, now the next time we meet, we’ll know where we know each other from”. But I epically failed in that regard, and awkwardly ended our conversation and moved on. I saw him several times throughout the afternoon, even stood a mere foot away from him at a couple of points,  but he never attempted to engage in a conversation, so maybe not giving him my deets was a blessing rather than a failure.

Fast forward to the end of the day (early evening) as I was leaving, going entirely in the opposite direction from what I should have been going in for some reason, I was standing behind a cute boy photog on the escalator. He turned around and did strike up a conversation. This compelled me to continue to walk even further out of my way. Then we stood and talked about cars for an hour! lol!

He was cute.
I determined from snippits of our conversation that he has been married/divorced, and lived in the US at some point. (I think)
If I were to guess, he is probably at least 10-15yrs my junior (probably closer to 15) but he had sweet smiling eyes and engaging smile and personality. And was ever so slightly shorter, which always makes me feel self-conscious. I immediately felt 6ft tall and 400 pounds. And very old…

He had no biz cards left, but took mine.

Now, the first thing I did when I got home was Facebook friend a couple if people I had met through other friends and finally met face to face, then proceeded pieced together enough info in my head about this boy to Google search and find all if his details. I stopped there however as:
A) I don’t want to be a creeper/stalker
B) I hate making that much of an effort over someone who isn’t making half the effort to reach out to me. I mean if you have my card(s) with all my details, at the very least follow me on twitter within 24hrs and say nice meeting you! (of course, maybe he Google searched me and discovered the abyss of our age difference/weight class… LOL!) (ok, totally being honest, besides a lust for cars, we have very little in common (music tastes, etc…) (yes, I’m a really really good stalker… I am hired as a freelance researcher, so I’ve got mad skillz LOL)

All that said, if I felt that insecure about myself after two conversations (I seriously went into “I’m not good enough, young enough, pretty enough, skinny enough to be interesting to a man” mode) Then it probably wouldn’t workout anyway… and it’s definitely not the right time for me to get involved with anyone.

But.. I looked up! Go me! I stepped out of my comfort zone, I engaged in conversations with not one, but several strange men! (Wait, that doesn’t sound right… LOL!) In short, I opened myself up to “the possibility” which is a start.

baby steps…

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