Boys vs Men *with a twist ending*

So, my “Barista Boyfriend” returned this week.
He’s tall. He’s quiet. He’s got floppy, blond, surfer-dude hair.
He’s way too young. He’s totally elusive/shy.
While I noticed his absence, I’m sure he wouldn’t lose a minutes sleep if I disappeared.
He didn’t even make eye contact. pfft.

On the other hand, my “long distance man friend”
(lets just call him that for now… it’s complicated, I’ll explain later if I have to)
He sent me an email out of the blue the other night. (eerily, I had a fleeting thought about him earlier that day… spooky)
anyway… we emailed a little back and forth yesterday, where I divulged that my day wasn’t going so well, we joked about it and that was it.
Later last night I received a simple email “did your day get any better?”
See, a boy wouldn’t do that.
A man would.
And it felt nice.

And it’s all sort of surprising because I’ve known this fellow for years. We’re colleagues, sort of. He actually makes a living as a sports writer, I just pretend. *shrug* Anyway, about a month ago, we struck up a conversation online out of the blue. A day of back and forth, and Q&A, and then nothing until this week. Apparently he thought I was “lovely” the first time he met me, but kept it to himself.

I want to believe this is sincere, and unique, but my inner cynic is screaming “Cad!” “Player!”

I’m playing along for now, and screaming “la la la I can’t hear you” to my sabotaging inner voice, but I need to make an inquiry about a situation to confirm what my spidey senses are telling me…

*sound of needle scratching across record* (here comes the twist…)

well… my suspicions were just now confirmed. Though I haven’t heard his side of the “story” yet.
Either way, part of the “story” involves a friend, (what are the fucking odds of the first person who has shown any interest in me in YEARS being involved with a close friend?! FUCK. MY. LIFE. )

so this “flirtation” goes no further.
Hos before Bros. No Drama!

Ah well, it was nice to have a man say something to make me blush in a good way. It doesn’t happen that often.


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