Reality Check…

We spend everyday “sweating the small stuff” despite being told not to in several tomes. I have several acquaintances (I hesitate to call them friends) who’s head colds lead them to proclaim they’re “dying” and for whom a hang nail would lay them up for days.

I have no patience for these folks right now.

See I have friends battling real health issues and one who is about to lose his wife within hours after a lengthy, gut wrenching, and very brave battle with cancer.

I’ve hit yet another milestone age I guess. The one in which you lose your peers.

I already hit the one where you switched from your friends grandparents dying to their parents dying. Now friends are losing their spouses and having health scares of their own.

Granted, I already went through all of that personally. Parents, gone. Grandparents, gone. Hubby, gone. (though the hubby didn’t die… unfortunately… :-/) (outer voice?)
I’ve even already lost a few friends far too soon. (shocking and sad)

I don’t know that this changes me really, other than perhaps being more empathetic, being more aware of making real connections with the people in my life and saying what’s on my mind, out loud, when it matters. There are no guarantees of “tomorrow”. Only right now.

I think it also gives me perspective. Yes I can be a little holier than thou and judgmental at times, but I think I’ve earned it through hardship and experience. I don’t suffer fools lightly within my inner circle. So many people walk around with their heads up their ass, completely blind to what is going on with the people around them. I experienced that from the other side when my life was truly falling apart around me, while my “friends” were hurt that I was being anti-social…

I guess my message to the myopic is this: Try to make your day, your movements, you thoughts and your actions not about you once in a while. Seek depth.  Scratch the surface. Look outward.

To Linda, Godspeed brave lady. I hope when I am faced with my own mortality that I can do it with half as much strength and dignity as you have faced yours with.
Sleep now…. you’ve earned it.


2 thoughts on “Reality Check…”

  1. “I experienced that from the other side when my life was truly falling apart around me, while my “friends” were hurt that I was being anti-social…”

    that was my experience last year. i could not have described it any better.
    i love ya, meesh! thank you for keeping me sane!

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