I realized today that I’m not jealous, or rather envious I should say, of people’s “things”. I see “The ladies who lunch” in their fancy duds, with their shopping bags from designer stores, and I merely shrug. That’s not me. Never really has been. I don’t even get the same tinge of green when I see posts of luxurious dinners from restaurant openings I’ve been … Continue reading DTOTD: Envy

DTOTD: Apologies 

Here’s the thing, when one “accepts” your apology, they are not absolving you of your indiscretions or actions towards them. They are merely “accepting” your guilt, and your need to be let off the hook for your bad behaviour. “Acceptance” is not forgiveness. It’s just a way for everyone to move on without more carnage. Keep that in mind the next time you feel the … Continue reading DTOTD: Apologies