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Happy November!

Happy NovemberSo, as I settled in to my favourite seat at one of my favourite Starbucks,  dusted off the keyboard and my “writing fingers” and began to do a little blog housekeeping,  I realized that it wasn’t that I hadn’t written anything for a while, but rather I hadn’t published anything!  I have like 13 drafts on my dashboard, all in various states of being.

“How does this happen” some may ask. Well, I was in a bit of a funk through Sept/Oct.
A general malaise that stunted my creativity.
A writer’s block the size of the Great Wall of China.

Some are articles waiting for photos. Some are galleries waiting for articles. Some are just random thought blurbs that went unexplored, but all are being attended to as we speak. (trust me, some of it was for my eyes only, and will be trashed post haste!)

At any rate, to save myself spamming my 10 followers (ha!) I will be gradually post-dating and publishing a couple at a time, while adding some new content at the same time over the next week or so, to get myself up to date and back into a rhythm.
So consider yourselves warned 😉 and Happy November!


Car-2-Go’s Epic Customer Service!

This week I got a call out of the blue from Jesse at Car-2-Go, thanking me for being an “awesome member”.
That in and of itself would have been superb! I mean, who doesn’t love getting told they are a great customer/member/team player?

Then the amazing Jesse from car2go Toronto went on to ask if I would be around in the next couple of hours so he could personally deliver a “Thanks for being an awesome member” gift to my door! How cool is that!?

A couple of hours later he showed up with a great little gift pack of G.H. Cretors Popcorn (all natural, non-GMO, gluten Free Caramel Corn to be exact!), Car2Go swag  & a Cineplex gift card!

It’s nice to be appreciated as a customer, without having to jump through hoops, or threaten to quit, or any other number of weird strings attached.

Moments like this are why I will champion a product or service for life.

It’s like the waitress at the restaurant you go to only a handful of times a year, who remembers your food allergy! (Go Il Fornello Danforth!) Or the company who’s product you tried and raved about delivering a box of said product as a thank you! (Go Ely Products – Natural Sins!)
It’s Customer Service, and it’s a lost art. But these three examples give me hope!