Dusting off the keyboard…

How many of us do this? How many blog posts out there have this particular unimaginative title? Thousands I’m sure.

I can’t believe how long my blog has lay dormant. I mean, it’s not like I haven’t had stuff to say. On the contrary, my brain has been exploding with thoughts, and feelings, and memories, and wishes, and rants, and plans, and on, and on…

But I grew to hate my blog/website in it’s new iteration.
I had spent so much time re-jigging it a couple of years ago in an attempt to appeal to the “influencer” culture in order to become a “chosen one” that I lost the plot.
I lost my voice.
I lost me.


Fast forward to last week, sitting at the Women Who Influence luncheon, and we had to, on the spot, share with someone something that we wanted to fix, do, change, tackle.

I blurted out “I want to write again… I want to take back my blog and find my voice”

So here I am, clearing my throat, cracking my knuckles, stretching my neck, and putting “words on the page” as promised.

There will be changes in the coming weeks, the least of which will be the title.
It’s just not who am I’m anymore.
And I very much want this blog/website/life journal to reflect the me I am now.

I was toying with Meesh: Mind, Body and Soul.
But that sounds a little airy-fairy to me now that I’ve typed it out.
Those who know me, or have met me even once, know I am not that gal.
One cannot lure people in with a zen-like title, then drop the word fuck into a paragraph like punctuation.
That’d be like promoting a night with Morgan Freeman, then introducing Samuel L. Jackson to the amassed crowd. Amiright?

Other changes will be layout, colours, themes, etc… etc… so if you, my loyal reader (ha!) tune in time and again, and think you’ve arrived at the wrong portal, I apologize in advance for any confusion.

The biggest change however, will be activity. There will be some!!

I just looked in my back end
(don’t go there, I’m talking about my dashboard, not my ass…)
and I have 21 drafts! What the fuck??
21 almost fully formed thoughts that for whatever reason I didn’t publish.
It probably didn’t fit my “brand”, or whatever convoluted idea of that I had in my mind.

Well, guess what? From this day forward, my brand is me.
Just me.
And everything that comes along with that.
And I will be flawed, and imperfect.
And I’m ok with that.

I’m all about authenticity right now. Those are the stories, and brands, and people I am drawn to, so those are the stories, and brands, and people I will share with you, mine included.

I hope you’ll come along for the ride…

One thought on “Dusting off the keyboard…

  1. I always liked the original title – it cleverly summed up what you were about at the time. You’re right – ‘mind, body, soul’ is too airy-fairy, you can do better – wittier – than that! I look forward to reading more…

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