Gluten Freedom Week! Take 2!


No one was more disappointed that I was that I was out of town during the inaugural launch of Gluten Freedom Week earlier this year.

No one was more thrilled than I was to be in town for the second round!

Think of it as Summerlicious or Winterlicious, for those who have to (or simply choose to) eat gluten-free.
Sure there are plenty of GF options available during those events, but during this event there is a heightened awareness of preparation and cross-contamination, which is truly the most important aspect / obstacle to dining out for those of us with food allergies. (something my friend Paula Cooper is attempting to revolutionize with her DineAware program)

Kicking off with a media launch at one of the participating restaurants, Vivoli , Gluten Freedom Week is a week long food celebration, with participating restaurants providing pre-fixe, gluten free menus. It’s a great way to discover new restaurants, as well as a great way to go out and share a meal with friends without worry* (or at least without as many worries) *Full disclosure, there is no “guarantee” of 100% Gluten Free/safe meals. (unless there is ZERO gluten on the premises) but with events like this, it not only brings awareness to the general public, but it brings awareness to the staff and chefs of the participating restaurants

Also conveniently happening adjacent to Gluten Freedom Week was the fall edition of Gluten Free Garage at Wychwood Barns. This is a great event to discover new and local vendors and their gluten free products, as well as listen to some free and informative seminars!

While I didn’t discover anything “new” at the GFG, I did pick up some of my favourite treats (buttertart from Tartistry, much snackage from Neal Brothers), caught up with some of my favourite peeps,  and enjoyed a delicious lunch courtesy of Acorn Catering.

This just made me more excited for my “Glutenlicious” experience later in the week. While I would have loved to check out more restaurants, I was only able to budget for one meal out, so |I chose Insomnia… and boy did I choose wisely.

I had been living with the regret that I never got to experience “Fried Chicken & Waffles” before having to swear off wheat/gluten. Well wouldn’t you know, Insomnia decided to put together a kick ass gluten free version of C&W, and it was worth every penny and soul soothing bite. OH my… Add to that the other two courses (Roasted Pumpkin Risotto, and espresso infused panna cotta) and well, if I don’t get to eat out for weeks, I’ll be ok with that.


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