Toronto 5k

10703940_10154588445895191_415053522590821777_nHappy Birthday to me!

First competitive run since the spring. (!)

TMI Alert: Woke up with my period, severe back cramps and diarrhea. (Really?! You’d think by 49 that would be the gift that no longer keeps on giving… Just sayin)

So, couldn’t eat or drink other than a couple of bites of raisin bread to line my stomach for the 2  Aleve I had to take for the cramps.

Now, let me preface this by explaining how much of a light-weight I when it comes to drugs…

I was pretty much running in a full body stone floaty fog the whole race. Not the mental or physical state you want to be in. Normally I’m all adrenaline rush, emotional… today? pretty much chill… LOL!

I didn’t expect much out of myself to be perfectly honest. My training has been pretty non-existent for most of the summer. The last run of any consequence was back in the beginning of August, only about 2-3k at a very slow pace, and that was following a 3 week run of a kidney stone, a hernia, and strep throat!

As far as courses go, this one was all new to me.  A big slippery, sweeping downhill at the start… this never bodes well, as it means there is a big, slippery, sweeping uphill a the end… which was indeed the case. Now the slippery part came courtesy of the constant drizzle which started about 15mins prior to gun time… so the oils embedded in the concrete oozed to the surface of the road.

Despite my lack of training/prep, I managed to push out a 39:46 (7:59 average k time), just shy of my personal best time. This bodes well for my next race,  the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon, where I’m hoping to best my time from last year.

It was a lovely small event, and the perfect start to my 49th year on this whacky planet.

2014-09-13 09.13.20-1


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