They say it’s your Birthday… Happy Birthday to ya!…

They say it’s your Birthday… You’re gonna have a good time…

“they” are / were right!

Let’s get this out of the way right now. I’m happy.
Yes, that’s right, you heard me, happy.
Unabashedly enjoying life, and all that it has to offer.

Nope, website hasn’t been hacked, nor have I been absorbed by pod people.

I just finally, after years of misery, and trying to fit my square pegged self into all of the shiny red holes everyone else thought I should be in, decided enough was enough.

I decided to be apologetically me…
And guess what? I discovered I LIKE me. Who knew!?
And so do others.
And guess what? I don’t need fixing!

Now I’m not saying I’m perfect suddenly. Noooooo… there is always room for improvement in many areas.
I’m just saying that at the core, I’m a pretty fucking awesome person, and after 49 years on the planet, I feel like I actually truly am authentically ME.

So… what was the catalyst to this remarkable turn around?
I broke free.
I courageously leaped,  without a net.
And guess what? It appeared.

I stopped trying to find the perfect job so I could find the perfect time to quit the miserable job that had been exacerbating the miserable existence I was leading.

I just had my Network moment, and resigned. (again)
(footnote: I resigned 2 years ago, but out of guilt for what it would potentially do to their business, employees, customers, and their lifestyle (they had a new baby) I stayed on in a new role, which although better for me initially, didn’t mask the fact that essentially I had lost faith in the business itself) (moving on… )

Anyhoo… within days my universe opened up. Jobs, and projects, and people came out of the wood works. It is all strangely euphoric right now, and I feel more like “me” than I think I ever have in my life.

Probably the best birthday present that one could ask for…  OK, not the “best” … money would be helpful, but it ranks right up there.

Speaking of money, I managed to have a pretty great birthday on a strict budget of $40.

Though the initial outlook was bleak for my annual celebration of “*whew* I survived another one!”, with an open mind, some clever hoarding of gift cards & rewards points, and some surprise generosity, I managed to pull off a 13hr day of fitness, fun, film & food!

TTC unlimited travel Daypass: $10
Toronto 5K (prepaid earlier in the year)
Prairie Girl Bakery Cupcake: $5
Giant Fancy coffee: Free! (thanks Starbucks Canada)
Booze & nibbles at The Keg Steakhouse + Bar $25 (w/tip)
Surprise Dessert! : Free! (thanks The Keg!!)
Movie: Free!! (thanks car2go Toronto & Cineplex)


Being able to carry along my nearest and dearest with me all day in my pocket to share in the festivities: Priceless!!!

Thanks everyone for the well wishes and likes and comments! The introvert in me appreciates being able to fly solo for the day, while the extrovert in me enjoyed sharing the journey virtually with you all!

Until the next one! … xox


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