Job searching…

Should be called “soul searching” because that is what you end up doing, day in and day out…

It vacillates between exhilarating and demoralizing on any given day.

You spend hour after hour, day after day, week after week, reading description after description, thinking “OMG… I would be PERFECT for that!” Then you read the qualifications/expectations, which for the most part reads like a list of unrealistic ransom demands from a kidnapper. Or better yet, at the end of the laundry list of skills required for your perfect dream job, are the words “unpaid internship” Seriously?! Some of them are asking for degrees and years of experience, but won’t pay. Unbelievable.So lets say you find a job/employer, willing to pay,  for which you actually have the skills, now comes the big dog and pony show.
If you’re lucky, you somehow make it past the robot sorting the resumes (yay for algorithms )
Then come the interviews, with pretty young girls you could have given birth to.
Your inner dialogue, while trying to convince them that you’re a good hire is “holy fuck… I was on my third job and divorced before you were even born….”

Most of the time however, you don’t even get the courtesy of a “thanks for your submission” let alone a reason for your rejection. Mostly because hundreds of people apply for each position out there. Serial applicants.

It’s all crap!

Maybe I’m going about it all wrong, but I only apply for the jobs I really, really want. I invest in them while I’m applying. I research them. I picture myself doing the job.

I don’t want an “in the meantime” job. I don’t want a “just to get by” job. I want a good job. A fun job. A job to be proud of. I want to be inspired. I want to work for someone / something I believe in.



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