Car-2-Go’s Epic Customer Service!

This week I got a call out of the blue from Jesse at Car-2-Go, thanking me for being an “awesome member”.
That in and of itself would have been superb! I mean, who doesn’t love getting told they are a great customer/member/team player?

Then the amazing Jesse from car2go Toronto went on to ask if I would be around in the next couple of hours so he could personally deliver a “Thanks for being an awesome member” gift to my door! How cool is that!?

A couple of hours later he showed up with a great little gift pack of G.H. Cretors Popcorn (all natural, non-GMO, gluten Free Caramel Corn to be exact!), Car2Go swag  & a Cineplex gift card!

It’s nice to be appreciated as a customer, without having to jump through hoops, or threaten to quit, or any other number of weird strings attached.

Moments like this are why I will champion a product or service for life.

It’s like the waitress at the restaurant you go to only a handful of times a year, who remembers your food allergy! (Go Il Fornello Danforth!) Or the company who’s product you tried and raved about delivering a box of said product as a thank you! (Go Ely Products – Natural Sins!)
It’s Customer Service, and it’s a lost art. But these three examples give me hope!


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