A Change of View…

I wonder if anyone else does this?
Just randomly decides to move the furniture around.

I stood in the middle of my livingroom this afternoon and thought. “Nope. This just isn’t working for me” Then I mentally moved things around in my mind and planned the quickest most efficient way to make it happen. It worked remarkably well. And I got a good workout out of it.

I find if I’m mentally or emotionally “stuck”, moving the furniture opens up the flow of energy through the apartment. Since I’ve lived here around 23 years, you can only imagine how many configurations I’ve managed to come up with in my little space! I’ve tried to Feng Shui the place even! *not so successful with that one*

Sometimes the restructuring works. Sometimes is doesn’t. Sometimes it is accompanied by nausea or a headache. (those are the real stuck times) The last one only half worked. I liked one half of the room, but not the other. This time, it feels right. Of course poor Wally is confused as hell by all the commotion.

Now I just have to purge the pieces I no longer have use for, so I can finally get myself a couch. (been a while since I’ve had one) I’ve debated selling cause I could use the money, but I don’t want strangers coming into my home. Especially with all the whacka-do’s on craigslist robbing and murdering people lately.

I’ve looked into donating to the Furniture Bank, but they want $100! LOL! um… I’m GIVING you 3 pieces of furniture, valued at hundreds of dollars, and you’re going to charge me?! No.

There are charities that will pick it up for free (along with other donations) you just have to be flexible and work around their schedule. That works for me.

Worst case, I get my neighbour to help me take it down to the front lawn. Someone will pick it up within an hour of being outside. (our neighbourhood is big on the recycle from the curb!)

Next room? The Kitchen. Not that I have a lot of options in my tiny space. I’ll do some before afters for that one.


One thought on “A Change of View…”

  1. I am just waiting for my finger to be unbroken so I can rearrange furniture. I don’t move every year like I used to in Boston, so this is my outlet. Plus the 2nd bedroom really isn’t working for me in its current state.

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