Fresh Corn, Tomato, & Avocado Summer Salad!

CornTomatoAvocadoSaladI love to cook, and as you’ve seen, I often post photos of my creations on Instagram But I mostly make it up as I go along. Which is fine, until the shouts of “recipe please!!” show up in the comments. So… in the spirit of sharing, I’m going to attempt to give y’all some recipes to go along with the “food porn” as my friends put it.

Fresh Corn & Avocado Salad

This is one of my go-to summer salads. It’s so easy, and so fresh, and works well as a side dish, a stand alone salad, or a shareable snack with tortilla chips! (gluten free/organic/non-gmo of course 😉 )

1 large ripe (but not overripe) Haas avocado.
1 ear of fresh peaches & cream corn
10 (ish) ripe grape or cherry tomatoes (halved)
1/2 English cucumber (you can use regular cucumber, I just prefer the seedless ones myself)
(other veggie options I’ve used in the past: fresh diced red peppers, fresh from the pod peas, etc.. as long as they are garden fresh and raw, go for it!)
1 lime (or juice of one lime)
S&P to taste
EVOO to taste (optional)

Cut in half, remove the pit, peel skin, slice into cube size pieces. (so like, 4-5 slices lengthwise, then 5-7 sliced widthwise)
Gently place in med-large bowl. (avocado tends to be fragile the more ripe it is, so the more gentle the handling, the more it will hold up and hold it’s shape in your salad)

With a sharp knife, cut the cob of corn in half (easier to handle) then shave the kernels off of each half (as close to the cob as possible)  *corn can be grilled as well to add a nice depth of flavour*
Add to bowl

Wash and halve tomatoes.
Add to bowl

Halve cucumber half and then slice lengthwise and widthwise (like you did with the avocado) and dice into cube size pieces.
Add to bowl

You can add other fresh, raw veggies at this point too. (cubed to the same size as other ingredients)

Roll lime on counter (really give it some pressure/weight when you do this) to breakdown the fiber and ensure the most juice release. Cut in half and squeeze juice of whole lime over veggies. (I like a really citrusy flavour, but you can use half if you’d like less)

A couple of cranks of fresh ground salt and pepper to taste.

Same salad with the addition of fresh peas and red pepper!

If you’d like a bit of a creamier texture/mouth feel, you can add a wee drizzle of EVOO. (or if you have a decadent pantry, Avocado oil) If you want to punch it up a bit, add a few shakes of Green or Red Tabasco, or your favourite spicy add on. You are only limited by your taste buds and your imagination!

GENTLY, with a large spoon or spatula, in more of a fold motion, mix the ingredients to incorporate together and coat with lime/evoo and s&p.

Serve asap to ensure maximum freshness.

Let me know if you try it!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Corn, Tomato, & Avocado Summer Salad!”

  1. Thanks Meesh! Made it for Caillie tonight and it was a HUGE hit. We polished it off very quickly. Simple and delicious – my favourite combination (and GF)! Promised I would make it again on the weekend when the rest of the avos ripen.

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