We Will Not Let Fear Rule Us…

Hangover run_1aA year ago I was glued to my tv, transfixed by the horror unfolding in Boston. I couldn’t believe that someone would target a sporting event that isn’t ruled by politics and large salaries, but rather by regular, everyday people, supporting charities, and striving to be better and reach a goal. (not that targeting any other event would be more acceptable…

I thought to myself, “next year, I will stand on the sidelines in Boston, in solidarity with those who survived, and remember those who didn’t”

I mean, I’ve always wanted to go to Boston, so why not?!
Then another thought popped into my head. “Someday I’ll run there…”
Pretty lofty and far fetched considering I could barely run across the street to catch the bus without wheezing profusely for 20mins afterwards.

But something changed in me that day. I was so angry. And I was sad. And I felt guilty and useless and lazy. And I felt it was unacceptable to continue to couch potato my way through life. And I decided then that I would change that.

Fast forward a year, and I’ve just completed my 7th running event. (6-5K’s, and 1-10K), and while schedule and funds won’t allow me to be running in Boston on Monday, I will be running my own “event” here in Toronto.

I signed up for the “We Stand With Boston” Virtual Run, the proceeds of the entry fee going to The One Fund for the Boston Bombing victims.

My bib has been emailed and printed, and on Monday morning I will run a 5K.
One K each for Krystle Campbell, Martin Richard, Lingzi Lu, and Sean Collier, and 1K for everyone else who was affected physically, mentally or emotionally that day. (myself included)

And next week my medal will arrive via mail, and I will proudly add it to my display wall.
And next year, if circumstance and funds allow, I will travel to Boston and run the 5k there.
And someday…
I will attempt to qualify for and run the Boston Marathon.

And on that day, terror will have been turned into triumph.


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