St. Patricks Day 5K

Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5K!

2014-03-14 17.57.40This was by far my hardest race yet. I knew coming into it that it was going to be cold. But we’re talking bone chilling cold kids. (windchills in the -20’s)

By the end of the 1st K, my thighs were a block of ice.
By the 2k mark, in the shadows of the buildings which made that stretch into a wind-tunnel, I sincerely couldn’t feel/sense my lower extremities, and had no idea how I was propelling myself forward at all.
At around 3.5K, the nausea kicked in.

Despite all of that, the calming, encouraging voice on my Nike app was telling me I was on pace to a personal record, so I kept pushing.
As happens during these races, there are random shouts of encouragement along the route between runners. I think that is one of my favorite things. (besides finishing!) I did miss my traditional mid-race high five with my Sistah from anothah mistah! (Kathy)(she’s usually passing me on the way back…) Today I was the encourager, giving someone a pat on the back when she looked like she was about to give up, and telling her to keep up the good work!

Just after the 4K mark, a hill.
<insert a plethora of salty inner dialogue here>
Once the course leveled out, it was time for one final rally, and a strong running finish! Result? a new race day PR!

Once inside Steamwhistle Brewery, while the feeling slowly returned to my legs, I enjoyed the live Irish band while eating a piping hot bowl of chili (sadly couldn’t partake of accompanying beer & bun, damn you gluten!!) and chatted with the top finisher of the Woman’s 60-69 category! (which we discovered via my sportsstats app while talking!) She didn’t begin running until her late 50’s! Yay for picking up new athletic skills later in life!

I’m now home, watching the closing ceremonies of the ParaOlympics, waiting for the last remaining chunk of frozen ass muscle to thaw before sinking into a nice warm bath!

Bring on the next one!


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