Pulling the Trigger…

OMG… if I read one more finger-pointing diatribe against someone for using or alluding to a so-called “trigger word” (apparently the “it” catch phrase of the moment) I’m going to fucking snap.

Guess what. Every word has the potential to be a “trigger word”.
Every conversation, movie, tv episode, article, song… you name it, all potential triggers.

What did people do before the whole world decided to be so fucking politically correct and protect everyone as if their skin was the uber-sensitive viscosity of a soap bubble?

Suck it up buttercups!

Newsflash: The world is a bad place, filled with bad people, who do bad things. The world is also a wonderful place, filled with wonderful people, who do wonderful things.

Trigger words are only trigger words if YOU give them that power. Otherwise they are just a group of organized letters.

If I forced people to censor their comments, or actions, or conversations with me based on what may or may not trigger a flashback to something bad that happened to me in my life, Shit, I’d never leave my house, watch a movie, read a blog, or have a conversation again.

Yes, bad shit has happened to me, and sometimes I find myself in a situation where the band-aid gets ripped off of the not so healed/dormant memory.
You know what I do? I acknowledge it and move on. And I am stronger for it.

Stop being such pussies! Grow and pair and live your lives!

*hmm… guess I did snap… *


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