Dear Cereal pissers, balloon poppers, and party poopers…

TeamCanadaThis is in no way meant to invalidate your opinions, beliefs, or whatnot… Y’all are of course free to shout whatever you want from the mound in your own sandbox. But please stop dropping your giant negativity turds in the middle of my sandbox, and in celebratory threads/conversations around the interwebs.

We GET it.
There are bad people in the world. Very Bad.
There are bad things happening around the world (past, present, and future) Very Bad.
Because of that, YOU don’t want to cheer, support, or involve yourself with the Olympics. Well, then DON’T!
But please don’t deny the rest of us a little bit of national pride and pure, unadulterated joy for a couple of weeks every four years.

For 16 days, our nation, and many nations around the world, were united in the support of a group of dedicated athletes, young and old, some just starting their careers, some coming to the end of their journey, who represented us honourably, and through whom some of us lived vicariously, while they performed feats of strength and skill we could only dream about achieving ourselves.

And for a couple of glorious hours this morning, friends, and families, and perfect strangers, from coast to coast, put all of the BULLSHIT in the world aside for a brief moment, and came together to laugh, and cheer, and when all was said and done, stand and sing our national anthem, loudly and proudly.

Did it bring about world peace? No.
Did if fix world hunger? No.
Will the world be a better place tomorrow? maybe for some, but likely not for many others.

This wasn’t about that. This was about athletes at the top of their game, and 4 years of preparation, and blood, sweat, and tears, and taking to the world stage in an attempt to be the best at their craft.

And I for one enjoyed every fucking minute of it.

Tomorrow I will happily immerse myself back into the dark, dire, unrest and politics of the mostly miserable world around us… but for today, just for a couple more hours, let me and my fellow uncharacteristically boastful Canucks bask in the glow of these games while the flame is extinguished, after which we all go back to our regularly scheduled lives.


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