What a difference a day makes..

As if sensing my despair, the universe intervened and sent me a gift this morning…

A Facebook friend request.

From a long lost love.

And I accepted.

And we messaged back and forth a little.

And then he called.

And we talked.
For an hour.

And we laughed.
Oh how we laughed.

And it was like no time had passed.
And it was familiar.
And comfortable.
Like your favorite sweatshirt, that’s broken in and stretched out, and fits you in all the right places.

And I imagined him smiling on the other end of the line.
And I smiled.

And I haven’t stopped.

Thank you universe for giving me a reason to get out of bed today.
And tomorrow…
And next week…
And for giving me something to plan for (a visit) and hope for…


Before I went to sleep, I sent him this entry in a message, prefaced by the following:

*because as I get older, and realize how fleeting life/time is, I choose to articulate feelings when they happen, and share them. Too often we never let people know the impact they have on us, good or bad… and the moment passes, and they never know… so this is from my journal entry today… *

I awoke to this response:

sounds like the start of a beautiful story,……….
that needs to be told.


*le sigh*…
this could be a good year after all…


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