A Week of Wally…

A week ago tonight I was frantically putting the finishing touches on my apartment. I had been cleaning, and purging, and rearranging for 2 straight days as if the place was about to be inspected by the housing authority. I was nervous. I was panicking. What if he hated it here? What if he hated me?

Then the phone buzzed. They were here. 10 minutes, three trips to the car for all of his gear, a quick hello/goodbye hug with his teary eyed previous Mom & Dad later, and it was time to let him out of his crate.

Wally was home.

There was a lot of walking, and sniffing, and pacing, and then, a couple of hours later, he was curled up on his bed in the window behind me, sleeping soundly. In fact that is where he is now, a week later, as we celebrate our “week-a-versary”.

It’s funny, it doesn’t feel like it’s only been a week. We’re already into a routine. Though he does or discovers something new everyday and makes me laugh.

He’s even developed his own new quirky habits unique to our living situation apparently.

At his old home, he drank from this cool little water fountain. Here, he’s taken over the weirdness that was Skitzo and is drinking from the toilet. Only he’s a bit of a spaz, and I am constantly sitting on little wet paw prints when I pee. I keep the fountain going anyway, cause I like the sound, and the running water is very good Feng Shui.

He actually has a strange aversion to the kitchen all together it seems. Won’t even come in if I’m in there. It’s dark and small, and everything sounds louder in there, very unlike the beautiful kitchen he was used to. So, after a first day of not eating, I put his bowl of food in the livingroom… this is now where he eats. LOL!

He’s also a climber. Obsessed with getting up on things as high as he can, and very frustrated when he can’t accomplish that task. I feel bad that one of his favorite roosting places is the entertainment cabinet that is getting ready to be shipped off to charity. Maybe I’ll get one of those crazy cat tree thingies. Maybe not.

Surprisingly, and the best of all, despite being told he is not a lap cat, he has taken to joining me for a daily cuddle. It’s not for a longtime, but I get a happy, purring, fur ball sitting on my belly/chest for a few minutes, before he remembers he’s not a lap cat, and scurries away. Again, this is signature Skitzo. I believe wholeheartedly that my buddy is guiding Wally from the kitty spirit realm. (he may even be annoying him at times… )

It’s nice to have “energy” in the apartment again. It’s nice to come home to someone again. Though he doesn’t get off his lazy ass and come to the door to greet me. LOL! I’ve even been sleeping more soundly in the last week than I have in the last year.

He’s yummy! And I’ve already taken 80 pictures of him. LOL! (don’t worry, I won’t post them all here)

anyway, without further ado… Here is the new man in my life… Wally.


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