Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront 5K

Scotiabank Waterfront MarathonThose of you that know me, know that I don’t run unless I’m being chased, or there is bacon or booze waiting for me at the finish line. But something very personal is motivating me this month.

My family has recently had to make use of the wonderful facilities at Ronald McDonald House in Toronto. So today I ran the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 5k Run while raising funds for Ronald McDonald House to rally around my nephew Dylan.

I’ve toured the facility, made donations and championed their cause, but until earlier this month, experiencing it first hand, I didn’t truly appreciate the value of a facility like Ronald McDonald House.

To be able to walk “home” with my nephew from Sick Kids at the end of the day, where he could climb into a bed made with his own sheets/comforter to rest after a day of treatment, instead of traveling home to Peterborough, or to a strange noisy hotel… Invaluable.

For him to be surrounded by his whole family in their mini apt, eating dinner & watching tv, just chillin’… Invaluable.

To have playrooms, and games, and movies available to distract my young nieces and keep them occupied… Invaluable.

For my sister-in-law to be able to wander around in her pyjamas, and throw in a load of laundry, and put food in their designated fridge… Invaluable.

To be surrounded by people in the public areas, families and staff, who understand the situations they are all in, expressed with knowing glances and compassionate smiles… Invaluable.

This all happens because of the generosity of people Like you and I, who raise funds and donate to keep facilities like this running, so that families only have to concentrate on one thing. Supporting their loved ones while they battle for their young lives.

So on behalf of my family, I just want to say thank you for participating, and donating, and supporting Ronald McDonald House.

This was my first run as “me”. It was also the first big run where I got to start in a massive group of people. (remember my first run was bit of a cluster at the start!)
I was so overwhelmed emotionally.  Knowing I was running for Dylan, and running for the first time as “me”, and running with a large crowd, the nerves and the adrenaline rush was insane.
Every time I passed a cheering station I started to cry.
Every time I reached a kilometer marker I started to cry.
When I hit the 500 meter mark I completely lost it, subsequently falling into the arms of my friend at the finish line and sobbing.
It was all too much.

But then I realized how much money we made for RMHT. I ran with Cargill Cares – CKS Etobicoke, and together we raised $5,753.55!!

Oh, and I set an actual time (which I guess is technically a personal best)

On to the next one!


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