RBC Run for the Kids 5K

RBC Run for the KidsI ran a 5K!!

A friend of mine double booked runs on the same day, so asked if I wanted to run for her by proxy. I had made the grand statement in August that “someday I want to run a 5K”… Apparently someday was today! September 21st!

I had little time to think about it, or prepare. In fact I was asked about 4 days ago! This morning I woke up and it was cold, and pouring down with rain, and I had nothing resembling running gear. In fact I wore yoga pants, a sweatshirt, and an old pair of Merrill hiking shoes, with holes in the toes, that I wrapped and covered with clear duct tape. *classy*

And there I stood in line for the shuttle bus with tall, lanky, athletic guys and gals, wearing the latest tech wear, and circus coloured shoes, talking about pacing, and personal bests, and the runs they had already done, and the ones coming up… and I thought… “oh… my… god… what am I doing here?!” Let me tell you. It took all I had not to just walk across the street to the Starbucks and call it a day.

The buses were late, the race started without us, and it was chaos when we finally arrived on site. We all dashed for the bag check, and then through the Start/Finish line dodging the people already finishing (!?!) And then, just like that, I was off… Walking, running, shuffling, huffing, and puffing through the streets of midtown, on what I would later discover was one of the hilliest, hardest courses on the circuit.
And just when I thought I couldn’t walk another step, there was the finish line…
and I mustered enough energy to run awkwardly (think Pheobe from Friends) across the line. And then, a lovely girl congratulated me and put a medal around my neck…
and I’ve never been more proud of myself or an accomplishment in my life.

Because of the confusion at the start, I didn’t get an official time. But based on tweets at the start and finish, I calculated my time at about 45mins. Not bad for a first timer apparently.

And then a strange thing happened when I got home…
I signed up for another 5K .

I think I always knew somewhere deep down that I wanted to be a runner. But I was told, and told myself, that I wasn’t. I was too old, to fat, to un-athletic, too many back issues, and on, and on…

But there I was today, proving everyone and myself wrong.

I think I’m a runner.


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