The Power of Spontaneity…

When I awoke this morning, the power was out. It was 7:30am, the air was thick with humidity already, there was a high pitched tone faintly squealing (you know the one that happens when the power goes out… I think it’s the actual power lines), and there were multiple helicopters flying around. I went back to sleep. (there wasn’t going to be any work getting done anyway) An hour later, still out, still helicopters, but this time, no internet connection on my phone. Barely a signal actually. It was unnerving. I texted a friend to see if he had any information on how wide spread this was. He had power, but did a little searching for me, and let me know that there were pockets all over the city that were out.

I felt better. (I also decided it’s time to buy a transistor radio that you crank up to power, just to have)

I discovered that while my phone internet was borked, by data stick was working. So.. The day was officially back “on”  and work beckoned. There I sat in my underwear, sweaty and tired, doing my thing.

Shortly before 10, my sad little fan sputtered to life. Relief… sort of.

My mind wandering, probably melting from the heat, I decided I’d done enough work for the moment and decided to check and answer my personal email. A random reply to one lead to me frantically throwing clothes on, my laptop and camera into my backpack, and running out the door.

The latter part of my afternoon was filled with me behind the wheel of a car being encouraged to drive fast, like really fast, like tires squealing fast through a closed obstacle course at Ontario Place. Yowza! Before I knew it I was wearing a helmet and a protective jacket and learning how to drive a scooter. Crazy. Fun. Networking. Right place, right time.

I had “planned” to do something afterwards, but the skies darkened so I accepted a ride to Union Station. Go home and work… or try to beat the looming clouds to my favorite Starbucks and work there. I chose the latter. On my way, I saw a lady asking a man for directions. He shrugged and apologized and walked away. I, without hesitation, asked where she needed to be. CBC building. Ha! simple! I gave her directions, and she was on her way. Right place, right time.

I arrived at Starbucks just as people were leaving. Table with outlet available. Woot! 50% off coupon for brewed coffee on my Starbucks app…  expired today… Still works! Woot! Bold blend of the day: My favorite! Verona! Woot! While sitting enjoying my coffee at my favorite SB’s location, a table of folks arrive beside me. I, being the eavesdropper I am, overhear the conversation. The purchaser is asking the recipient what kind of coffee he would like. He, not being a SB regular, seems confused by the question. I, being a budinsky, recommend the Verona blend. They both concur. Recipient and I enjoy a conversation while purchaser acquires coffees. A few minutes later I am commended for my advice. I nod and smile and go about my work and leave them to theirs. About a half hour or so later, they are leaving.
Again, a conversation strikes up between us about the Verona blend, and thank yous all around. Purchaser doubles back and asks for my contact information as he loves my energy/personality and wants to connect with me and talk business. I know it’s not a come on as I overheard a conversation about his wife and how devoted he is to her. I get a good vibe from him and figure, what the hell. Could be nothing, could be the start of a new venture. I feel as if I’m suffocating in my current job, so… Opportunity knocking? I’m answering. Contact details exchanged. Right place, right time? We shall see…

Stomach is now growling. I know I have NO food at home. I know I have NO air conditioning at home. Then I realize… it’s Tuesday. Cheap movie night! I haven’t been to a movie in months. I haven’t had a “date with myself” for months. It’s been work, and travel (for work) and more work. That settles it. It’s Date night!

What’s playing? “Before Midnight” !! The 3rd in the trilogy! I just, a couple of weeks ago, watched the 2nd in the series “Before Sunset”, so this is perfect timing as it’s still fresh in my brain! And it’s playing at the Varsity, which is a block from Jack Astors, where I can get a perfectly yummy and perfectly safe (gluten free) Burger and fries! Sold! Right place, right time.

On my way to the restaurant I give directions, strike up conversations with random strangers, & compliment a lady on her outfit (asking her where she bought it cause I want it!) I feel light and lit up and in my element. A sort of ambassador of human outreach.

I get the last comfy booth at the restaurant and have a delish meal, while chatting with friends on twitter. Before I leave for the theatre, I remember that I get an additional discount if I buy my ticket online, so I boot up my Cineplex app, and purchase my ticket. It’s at that moment that I realize that with the additional discount on Cheap Tuesday, the difference in price between the VIP theatre and the regular theatre is $1. Sold! VIP baby! Reclining seats, small room, big screen, and a waiter who takes your order and brings your snacks to your seat! My snack of choice tonight? Yogen Fruz! Chocolate, banana, pineapple to be exact. Moments later I am curled up in the darkened theatre, reclined in my comfy seat, and enjoying the brilliance of this film with 15 of my closest strangers 😉

The film is funny, and romantic, and sad, and frustrating, and so… real… and I’m transfixed and so completely satisfied when the credits roll. (though I  feel in my gut there is a 4th movie that could be made… *fingers crossed* )

I walk to the subway, enjoying the breeze, and debate walking to the next station above ground. I hesitate. Something is pulling me towards this station. Ok… “it” hasn’t steered me wrong yet today, so in I go.

There was a young man in the  Subway playing the most heartbreakingly beautiful cello concert… So I grabbed a drink (a green tea gingerale, which I LOVE but for some reason is so hard to find!) and sat a listened for while… again I was transfixed and lost in the moment. It was a perfectly lovely end to my “date night” with myself. Right place, right time.

It was only as I was walking in the door, still grinning while playing back all of the things that unfolded between Sunrise, Sunset and Midnight (see what I did there?) that I realized: absolutely NOTHING that happened today was planned in anyway (at least by me) It was a series of spontaneous actions, that lead to a series of awesome moments. Not once did I question my actions. Not once did I judge myself for enjoying a “Saturday” kinda day on a Tuesday. I just let the day happen and didn’t fight it.

I feel recharged. I have felt so demotivated lately (that is another blog post for another day) and really, really needed this day.

Thanks universe! and thanks ME for listening to said universe!


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