And exhale….

OK, so clearly that last post was a little heavier than most y’all probably wanted to read, judging by the silence. That’s ok. I respect that it’s probably a tough subject matter as it may hit close to home, or be offensive for those of you that have truly amazing parental relationships

That said, I don’t regret writing it. It was a catharsis. Like a giant rock I had been carrying around in my heart was finally ejected.

The relief actually manifested physically this week. First with a bit of a purging of mucus (silly sinuses) and then, after months of insomnia. I slept.
A lot.
For 7-8hrs at a time.
Right through the night.
No crazy dreams, no stops and starts, just blissful slumber.
In fact, once I realized it wasn’t an anomaly, I turned my alarm off, and just allowed myself and my bod to regenerate on it’s own. Like I was resetting my body clock.

How great is that?

Anyway, there is more writing to come, more work to be done, more adventures to be had, more travel to explore… it’s all coming, and I will share it here, in the form of an expanded blog/website which I am working on.

I’m still debating how “personal” the blog will be. Maybe I will keep all of the really deep stuff as a private subscription type blog, and all of the rest of it public. Or maybe I will just throw caution to the wind and remain an open book. I believe I have an important point of view to be shared, so why hide it behind passwords and firewalls? I always appreciate when I stumble across the writings of someone who bore their soul for me to see… I feel so privileged to be let in, and often times I feel as if they are a kindred spirit in this big confusing world. I guess I have already answered that question then…

Alright. Coffee is done. I am going to head back outside and enjoy the beautiful waning light over my beautiful city on my walk home.


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