I am a Writer.

My early works. Clearly a little foreshadowing from Mini-Meesh...
My early works. Clearly a little foreshadowing from Mini-Meesh…

It was just another Tuesday.

My day started with 11 hits of the snooze button (yes, I counted), a headache, menstrual cramps (sorry boys), a couple of work induced eye rolls, a call from my landlord (which for some reason always makes me panic as if I’ve done something wrong, even though I’m the perfect tenant), and the strong desire by 4pm to put my pj’s back on, call it a day, cancel my plans, and go to bed early.

So glad I pushed through, cause I think at this time next year I will look back on this night as a pivotal turning point for my year ahead, and hopefully many years to come.

On a whim a couple of weeks ago I signed up for a New Year’s Writing Skills Refresher seminar. I really didn’t know what to expect. I thought it would be a discussion on actual, literal writing skills. Perhaps a talk about writer’s block, or motivation, or when/how to write on deadline, etc… Instead, there was a distinguished panel of speakers who regaled us on a variety of topics, all of which spoke directly to me, and to what I am hoping to improve upon/accomplish this year.

That in itself would have been more than enough, but the real magic happened at the gathering afterwards over drinks at the Madison.


Wonderful, enlightening, inspiring, confidence boosting conversations with writers, and editors, and educators, and mentors, all of whom had interesting stories, and view points, and advice… *and exhale*

Moments like these are like crack for me. I was so exhilarated on the subway ride home. Pumped up like a junkie who had had a syringe of adrenaline stuck directly into my brain stem.

Hours later, my monkey brain is finally winding down… (I’m expecting 11 hits of the snooze button on Wednesday now too)

So what did my click on a whim and $15 get me? A little self-awareness/realization.
I am interesting. I have a story to tell. I am unique. I am part of a collective. I have a voice.

I am a writer.


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