Inner Bargaining…

Do you ever do that? Sit and have a conversation with yourself? Make deals? Bribe yourself? I do it all that time. Whatever works to get from point A to point B.

Today for instance. I’m not feeling that great. Fighting off a bit of a bug. Tired, grumpy, stuffy/runny nose. (yes, both)

This morning I walked across to the store to get something to drink. My “I’m sick” instincts kicked in and I chose Ginger Ale, Apple juice and chocolate milk. LOL!
Chocolate milk is my go to if my tummy is upset or I’m overtired (and I had guzzled the last of my chocolate almond milk last night) Ginger Ale is for level 3 tummy upset or sore throat. Apple juice is my morning juice choice usually. (and again, I had guzzled the last of my apple cider yesterday)

I made a deal with myself to save the ginger-ale and chocolate milk for later, and opted for a proper breakfast, the juice and a green tea.

Just a little bit ago, around 3pm, I wanted a coffee, so I decided to go for a walk and get one. Then I realized I was actually hungry, and if I went and got a coffee, I would fill up on that and not eat properly. (breakfast was hours ago) I had one last portion of chili in my fridge, so I decided to heat that up and eat it before I left. When I opened the fridge, there it was, the container of mixed greens. Taunting me.

Convincing myself to eat my greens in the summer is hard enough, but come the fall/winter, nothing NOTHING is less appealing to me than a salad.

So… what to do about this.

Well, Meesh the arbitrator was back at it. “While you’re heating up your chili, make a small side salad. Throw in some tomatoes and a couple of other crunch veggies. Then you can go for a walk and get a fancy coffee for dessert” (but no caffeine now, cause it’s too late)

It worked. I had the last of my homemade chili and a leafy green salad with EVOO & lime juice. (and the rest of my apple juice)
I’ll need to figure out how to get more veggies into my gob each day, without overwhelming myself with food. (always a balancing act)

So here I am, still sitting here (watched a little tv and let my lunch settle) but now I’ve had a proper lunch (likely will be dinner at this point) and have eaten some greens. And truthfully, I just feel yucky, so I’ll likely only walk down to the grocery store if I go anywhere at all.

Tomorrow I will bargain again I’m sure. Hell, I’ll probably have a good talking to later tonight. (always a tug of war between late night snacks, and bedtime)

ooh… is that Chocolate milk? …


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