“Just my imagination… “

It was a lifetime ago, but I can picture it as clearly as if it were last weekend.
Hours upon hours spent with my friends, climbing giant snow piles in the school yard, that had been formed and tunnelled by hundreds of kids playing, and climbing and sculpting. We were probably 9ish… 11 maybe, and we had crazy, vivid imaginations.

We we came up with hilarious (and embarrassing looking back now) “plots” which we would role play day after day at recess, or after school and of course on snow days!

One scenario I seem to remember more than others was being “stranded” on the “mountain” and being rescued by Donny Osmond. Actually, my friend Stacey and I would take turns being rescued by Donny. (the default was Jay, the next cutest of the Osmond boys) These rescuers only existed in our heads of course, and via our one sided dialogue we would recite…

I wonder if kids do this nowadays. Or if they even have the basic skill set to unlock their imagination. If they even are capable of it? Everything is so laid out and preformed for them now. Hell, just look at Lego! Lego in my day was a box of multicolored blocks, and a green base. (oh and we had doors and windows) No “instructions”, no proprietary pieces. Just squares, and the limits of your imagination.

This train of thought stemmed from my spending an hour last night searching on youtube for theme songs from 70’s cop and medical shows. This was spurred on by a conversation with a friend online comparing today’s shows to those of our childhood.
Oh what a joy! Oh what memories!

Emergency, Dragnet, S.W.A.T, Adam 12, and on and on and on…

Back then these shows were my career inspiration. I was deciding between being a paramedic, fireman or a cop. (have I mentioned I was a real tomboy as a kid?)
Oh, but I had mad crushes on Randolph Mantooth (what a name!!), Kent McCord, and Mark Shera.

Funny what I appreciate about them now though
The music.
Since my career path veered off from paramedic to performing arts, that is what sticks out to me now when I play the credits.
And my favourite show, Emergency, was a treasure trove of musical talent!
To think that “Dixie McCaul” (Julie London) would turn out to be a singer I would admire and aspire to emulate later in life.

It makes me wistful.
It makes me smile.
It makes me sad…

Who are the characters inspiring today’s youth?
Who do the future movers and shakers aspire to emulate?
The Situation?
The Kardassians?
Honey Boo Boo?

I weep for humanity.


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