Week One down. (well, the work part anyway) (sort of)…

So, I got thru the first week of the new year without crying due to frustration and anger at work.

Not because I haven’t been frustrated or angry, oh no, that is all still there, but rather because I have resolved in my mind to plan my exit strategy. I know there is an “out”, a light at the end of the tunnel. One of two things will happen over the course of the next two months.
1) There will be a mass exodus of members, and I will be laid off. (problem solved, decision out of my hands)
2) Things will somehow stay afloat, everything will finally be automated (after 3 yrs of promises) and I can make my exit guilt free on at the end of my third year of employment with the company. (I like to complete things with a neat little bow)

Exit strategy in motion:
I started looking for job opportunities this week.
There are definitely more things out there now than before Christmas. I just need to decide how “bohemian” I want to be, and how much security I desire. I’m thinking I would like to try bohemian for a while first and lock myself into more secure only if need be. I have a little extra bonus money that fell into my lap, so it makes it easier to take the leap. I also have been making a few connections.

2012-the year I learn more mad skillz:
I signed up for a Coding course aimed just for women. (Ladies who Code) I love it! I really want to branch out this year and build both my brands. (my work brand and my racing brand) And I don’t want to be at the mercy of someone else unless I have to be. (ya, control issues, I know)

Open to possibility:
I hooked up with a group of travel writers near the end of the year last year. I love the people and the company, but I don’t know that I desire to be a travel writer per say. But never say never. Maybe I become a gastronomic racing travel writer! Carve my own little unique niche.

Putting myself first:
I stood up for myself today, and made choices that benefited my boss, but didn’t force me to compromise my integrity.

Now onto the weekend, where I recharge, and prepare to tackle week two.


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