I’m the BEST date ever!!

So, as a reward for keeping my cool, and being a ZenfulNinja, I took myself out for dinner.
Not pizza ordered in.
Not whatever happened to be on the way home.
Nope, I took myself out for a good, expensive dinner, with wine. (it’s where I am right now)

I was heading home, and had a craving for steak. Couldn’t shake it. Knew I didn’t want to cook…
Solution: Dinner at The Keg! (my most favorite, never lets me down restaurant)

So I have a lovely little single table tucked in a corner by the fireplace *swoon* where I caught up on emails and articles while dining on Filet Mignon, garlic mashed, sauteed mushrooms and a lovely Painter’s Bridge Zinfandel!

Now I am packing up my gear and heading to my other favorite restaurant (Combine Eatery) for key lime creme brule and coffee tequila…



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