Just putting this out there…

I want to work from home (at least part time) in the new year. I want to wake up to fresh brewed coffee, work for a few hours on something I’m passionate about, and then take a break and make a delicious home cooked lunch for myself.

I want to make each room in my apartment an oasis. Instead of spending my spare time searching all over the city for the perfect spot to curl up and read, write or eat. I want to find it within these walls. I have the vision of what I want each room to be/feel/convey. I just have to make it so.

I want to look at the pictures I’ve taken, matted and framed on my walls. Not those of someone else.

I want to enjoy the simple pleasures that make me happy, instead of living in a constant state of pauper martyrdom. If I want basic cable, I should have basic cable! Or at the very least, high speed internet, so I can stream/download at will.

I want my home to be so inviting I never want to leave, and my life to be so full, that I never get to stay at home and enjoy it.


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