Sunday Bloody…


Yup. Enjoying Bloody Caesar #2 oops.. 3,  at my local pub. It was a gloriously temperate fall day, (like September weather on a November weekend) so I hit the patio on my way home. It’s nice as there are only a handful of chairs out there (mostly for the smokers), so I am usually alone. (and was today) It’s like having my own big balcony (with bar service LOL) Of course the sun ducked behind the trees and the temp dropped, so I’m sitting at the bar now, but it was fun while it lasted…

So, back tracking a little bit… to catch y’all up…

On Friday I told the boss that I was “calling in sick” for a couple of days next week. I figured I would be upfront about it, as I will likely be tweeting about my days, so I don’t want to have to play some charade. Plus I’m not a liar. Plus, I truly believe that “mental health” days should fall in the sick day category. Why should I wait until I actually do get sick from the stress?? (which is where this is/was heading) I gave him the choice of Mon-Wed or Wed to Friday. (so I could have 5 days in a row) He chose Mon-Wed (which works just fine for me, as he is going away next weekend, and won’t be in the office on Friday, so essentially I am “working” one day next week, Thursday. hehehe.. )

So, I am on day 2 of my “Staycation”

I went to a WordPress Conference type thingy this weekend. Learned a little (not a lot) but also answered a few questions, met some new people, and made some connnections, so… all in all, worth the $30. (oh, got a t-shirt and a water bottle too)

I am more determined than ever to start up my own website now. I am also more determined than ever to make a career change. Life is just too short to be miserable. I watch other people making stupid choices all the time. I give them advice and guidance… yet I don’t follow it myself. It’s time to start walking the walk…

anyway, I’m a little a lot tipsy now (3 drinks, no dinner… ) but I’m not judging myself! Seems silly to waste a good buzz… might as well cross the line and really enjoy it! hahaha!

I haven’t got a “plan” for my 3 days off. I have a bunch of “to-do’s” that I may or may not accomplish. My MO is to get up and see where the day leads me. The whole point of this break is to clear my head and take care of me. By whatever means possible.

Ok… gonna finish my drink now and leave before I tongue kiss some random stranger… (drinking makes me horny… bwahahaha! )



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