starting to see the light…

The more you step out of your “comfort zone” the more you realize it
is your UNcomfortable zone, and out “there” is where you’re meant to be…

Isn’t it funny how when you toss your ideas & desires out to strangers they become less far fetched? Your thoughts and feelings are somehow validated with each “go for it” and “wow that’s a great idea”

Ya, that happened tonight a couple of times. A room full of like
minded people, with perpetual wanderlust, sharing their thoughts and adventures and kindness and smiles. But most importantly also taking the time to listen. And hear.

When I went to my first travel massive it was as an outsider. It was a
six degrees if separation situation where though I was not directly
involved in the travel industry, I was friends with some if the
players. Now on my 3rd outing, I feel more like I fit in.

More importantly I want to be there and involved in a more concrete way. I’m not sure how or where yet, but it will happen. I am confident of that.

It’s all  about putting yourself out there and opening yourself up to
the possibility of … Whatever is meant to be.

I’m home and I’m listening Mr Opportunity…. Go ahead and knock


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