Well… that wasn’t what I had in mind!

LOL! So let me get this straight… I lay the gauntlet down on negative entries, and don’t post again…? Somehow that wasn’t the intent.

What can I say… It was a stressful week after that, and by the time I had some “good” stuff to talk about, I had no time, was too tired, and then was too angry again to post. So I’m going to go back and recap.

So first… long distance dude apparently can’t be bothered to write his side of the story/feelings/whatever. He is insisting on a phone call, despite my telling him I am not “phone call” girl. Oh and when I made it abundantly clear that we will never EVER be anything more than friends (due to awkward situation) I got a one word reply and two days of silence. Then more guilt inducing “call me” texts and emails.
Instead of writing, He would rather I call him, so he can call me back and, I don’t know, plead his case? I find this all highly ironic considering he’s a writer by profession. Whatever dude.
Not gonna happen.

So last weekend, I, with the generosity of a great friend, got to attend another great friend’s wedding. This almost didn’t happen, and I would have been gutted.

See, before the summer, before I realized that despite working 40-60hrs per week I would be broke as a fucking homeless person, I had my  plans all laid out. Last weekend was to be Brad’s wedding and then on to Mid-Ohio for the race. The reality of my life however turned into me crying on my couch on Wednesday night realizing that despite my best efforts I would be unable to do either. (let alone eat for a week)

Enter Sharon!

I decided to take a chance that she would be A) available and B) willing to take a girls day road trip to drive me to Niagara for the wedding. (with a promise of a dinner later on when I have money again) Hey if you don’t ask, you don’t get right?
Turns out she was not available, but she was willing to loan me her car for the day.
Because of her I would not have to send one of my best friends a note saying “I’m so sorry, but I’m a giant loser and I can’t make it to your wedding”

So Saturday morning, I grabbed my camera, and Sharon’s car, and headed to Niagara.
I’m so glad I did.

When he saw me in the lobby, we hugged, and he grabbed a hold of me like I was a life preserver that someone had tossed him. To say he was nervous was an understatement. So I stole him away for about 10mins and we just talked about silly stuff to distract him. Probably my favorite moment was that I got to pin on his boutonniere. It’s usually a mother/son moment, staged with the photographer (and I’m usually, on the weddings I work, the one who actually pins it on)
But this time it was just he and I. No staging, no cameras. Just two friends sharing a moment.

Since I don’t know how to just “attend” a wedding anymore, I took a bunch of shots during the ceremony and afterwards. (it allowed me to hide my tear stained face behind my camera) Taking what I had learned over the years from shooting with Brian, I managed to get some nice shots, which I uploaded to facebook for his friends who couldn’t be there.

here is my friend and his new wife…


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