The spell is broken…

You know the one… the one that was cast by “the one that got away”.
The one that hangs over you, a giant cloud of “what if?”

Well it was finally broken tonight. But in a good healthy way, not a gut-wrenching, heartbroken way.

My JD was in town. Well, not “my” JD anymore. Truthfully he never was actually my JD. I was too awkward and broken when I knew him back then to tell him how much I loved him. He was my night in shining armor,and when he called me his princess, it melted my shuttered up heart.

Now he has 2 princesses in his life; A beautiful wife & 2 yr old

I haven’t seen him in 20yrs. But oh how I have thought about him.
Fantasizing that someday he would come back into my life and sweep me off my feet. But he never did. instead he kept in touch from a distance, keeping me informed of all the wonderful things in his life. “I bought a house!” “I’m getting married!” “I’m gonna be a dad!”

Each declaration making me equal parts happy/sad.

But here he was tonight. Just a man. A long lost friend.
Slightly fidgety, and nervous, verbally referencing his wife at every moment. 😉 Perhaps he too had trepidation, memories of times past, unanswered questions about what might have been?
Or perhaps he was always that way, and I never noticed, too blinded by love to see.

Whatever the case, as the title says, the spell is broken. He is my past. A lovely memory. But no longer “the one”

I’m guessing I haven’t met him yet.


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