Happy day?

I don’t know about you, but for the last week or so I’ve been bombarded by the media making grandiose claims while providing wide sweeping definitions of “sexiness” and “love” and “happiness” in the lead up to the biggest fabricated “holiday” on the greeting card calendar.

But what of those of us who don’t fit in the box created by societies stringent standards? Are we to stand on the sidelines today feeling unsexy, unloved, unhappy?!

Hell no!

It’s time to take back those words, and redefine them to fit our own mold!

Sexy isn’t lacy lingerie, fan blown hair and rose petals strewn on a bed.
Sexy is an attitude. It’s being healthy! It’s a natural glow, a sincere smile, and a confidence that comes from knowing yourself and what you want out of life.

Love isn’t a dozen roses, a box of chocolates and rhyming prose.
Love is a word of encouragement from a friend, the steady hand of a partner, sitting in silence and truly listening to what is being said.

Happiness isn’t a thing or a place or a destination.
Happiness is the journey. We’re all so busy trying to “find” it, that we aren’t seeing the happy that surrounds us right now! We just need to open our hearts and our minds and let it in.

So if you, like myself, don’t fit the mold… make your own mold!

Every definition of every word is as unique and varied as the people defining them.

This is my life, I make the rules, I define the ‘labels” through my own thoughts and actions.

So, happy “Valentine’s Day” if you are so inclined, but I would rather just wish you all a Happy Day!


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