Is there a better day of the week? I don’t think so. It’s the one day where sleeping in is automatically approved and expected, where a large, decadent meal for breakfast seems reasonable, and an alcoholic beverage before coffee doesn’t garner a second glance.

While I could have just dragged my sleepy self a block down the street to my local pub for breakfast, I decided to haul myself downtown to my “happy place” for Sunday Brunch.

I have a little booth at Milestones, with an outlet conveniently located under the table. I have a “Tropical Mimosa” on the way, inspired by the latin music playing. (normally it’s Jazz, but I am digging this even more as it reminds me of my days in San Juan and instantly makes me happy) Soon I will be dining on California Benedict (minus the english muffin to make it gluten free) washed down by a bottomless cup of coffee. The only downside is I have a timid, quiet server. oh well, he’ll learn.

oooh… my drink has arrived! All I need now is a view of the ocean and a warm breeze…

oooh… and breakfast is served…

Bon Appetit my friends!


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