Over the hump…

but not quite across the finish line.

It’s Saturday evening. I’m in a lovely restaurant, enjoying a glass of red wine, and the glow of the fireplace. The smell is to die for. And yet, my desire to actually eat something is not quite there.

I have upped my food intake, but it was uncomfortable. Not because I didn’t want to eat, but because I hadn’t eaten for so long, my system was sort of rejecting the process.

This morning, I had to go to one of my bff’s mother’s funeral. Not exactly how I envisioned my first day off in 2 weeks.

I hate funerals. I’ve been to too many of them in my own life. But, part of being an adult and a friend is being there for the important and ugly stuff. I wasn’t sitting anywhere near her, and in fact didn’t see her till after the service. But her face lit up when she saw me, so it was worth the car rental and the icky.

I made sure she had “people” with her, which she did. Three in fact. So I was the fourth wheel at that point.
I had already told her I wouldn’t be doing the cemetery leg of the day. I don’t do cemeteries. I don’t even know where my dad is buried. (wish I was kidding)

I’m the funny, inappropriate one in these situations anyway. (those are the people I liked having around at all of my family internments)

So, I used the rest of my afternoon, with my rental car, to just drive around. I find it ironic that whenever I have a car at my disposal, to drive to all of the places I can’t get to normally, I have ZERO extra cash to buy anything at said places.

I went to Whole Foods in Oakville.
In my next life, I would like to be the stay at home wife of a very rich man, live in a beautiful house in Oakville, and shop at Whole Foods weekly, without a second thought.

I walked out of there with a tub of greek yoghurt. LOL!

Next stop was Ikea! I LOVE Ikea! This should have been nirvana! I walked in, and walked out. 10 mins tops.
I am definitely off my game.

Since I still had a car for a couple of hrs I decided to stop at the market for my fave goodies, then drive my stuff home, then drive back downtown to drop off the car. Which I did.

And now, here I sit, at The Keg, one of my favorite places on earth, drinking a glass of wine, trying to talk myself into actually eating. It’s not working.

Sucks being a grown up some days. I wish I was carefree and young and ignorant to the woes of the world.

Maybe I’ll take myself out for brunch and movie tomorrow instead.


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