Sometimes you just need to verbalize something…

to have an “a ha” moment.

In case you haven’t picked up on it, I am struggling with, well, everything right now.
I have been feeling very out of control.

Then, without realizing it, I stopped eating. Not completely mind you, but enough to become aware of it.

I kept making excuses like I’m too busy, I’m too stressed, I’m at the end I’d my cycle, etc etc… But it was only when my boss asked me why I wasn’t eating, then jokingly said do I need to ask for your food journal again (I asked him for help last time I fell off the wagon) that I realized I was actually, subconsciously yet intentionally not eating as it’s the one thing I have total control over right now. (for good or bad)

damn… I hate when I fall off the wagon, and it’s not even about the weight this time.


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