tick tock… time is passing…

I keep thinking I should sit down and write something, anything, but
when I attempt to, I got nuthin. (creative that is)

I need to get my writing mojo in gear.
I need to start making plans for the year.
But I can’t as I am paralyzed with fear that I am either going to be looking for work or just too broke to actually
“live” my life because I’m not making enough at this job, and I work too many hours to fit in an additional job and why WHY should I even be contemplating a third job?!

There is something very wrong with that scenario.

This is like a big dark cloud over my head 24/7.
I guess I need to ramp up some freelance work that doesn’t require regular hours, that can get me some quick cash.

Or the money fairy has to pay me a visit…

Just what do you leave out to or under your pillow to alert the money fairy??


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