Finding the “Happy”

Finding the HappyFor the second time in as many days, I found myself sitting at Indigo awaiting an author to regale me with wit and wisdom. Last night was Gretchen Rubin,  the lady who wrote “The Happiness Project” (the night before it was Chris Guillebeau “The Art of Non-Conformity”)

Are you sensing a theme yet?
yes, I’m seeking. I’m seeking my happy.

I want my job to be my happy, but it’s not right now, due to circumstances out of my control.
Ok… that’s not quite true is it?
I’m choosing to let it not be happy.
I can be happy at work. It is in my power. I just have to find a way to become un-mired by all the negativity and pressure. (in my own head)

Anyway, gonna give this Happiness Project a kick at the can.

The phrase that resonated the most with me last night:
“You feel the way you act, not the other way around.
(*lightbulb/ah ha moment*)
so act the way you WANT to feel”

It’s funny, I do that sometimes already. (and have done for a while) I’ll talk about that more in detail later…


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